Asian Cities - Projects and Themes


GAI’s core research programs will focus on critical issues for Asian cities in a globalizing world.

Challenges for Asian Cities in the globalized world economy

What is the effect of economic stress on cities in the globalized world economy? What is the history of urbanisation and its links to globalisation, new political and social forces and the kinds of impact they have in different Asian cities?

Future of Urban Society in Asia

What are the new issues relating to education, public health and health care, aged citizens, children and childcare, community building and human safety? How can Asian cities be constructed, rebuilt, and managed in order to address the critical issues innovatively, drawing lessons where appropriate from the Singapore experience?

Managing Resources for Livable Cities in Asia

What are the innovative technological solutions as well as policy options that national and local governments could adopt to solve these issues in an efficient and sustainable manner, in partnership with the private sector and the civil society organizations? What lessons could Singapore offer and lear?